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The operation of a quarry and its facilities for the production of aggregate

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What are the 5 steps of the aggregate production process in a quarry?

  • The PICKLING of the non-exploited earth on the surface
  • EXTRACTION of the material
  • TRANSFER of materials to be treated
process of the installations in quarries of aggregates

The pickling

The stripping stage consists in removing the lands located on the non-exploitable surface (vegetable lands, sterile materials, altered rocks…). They are then stored in order to be used later for the development of the quarry.

Extraction of materials

The extraction techniques differ according to the type of materials:

Alluvial aggregates:

  •  Dry land: With the help of machines such as shovels and loaders, extraction can be done in an excavation (from above) or in a mound (from below)
  • Submerged land: extraction is done directly on the bank if the site is submerged and shallow with cable shovels (dragline), bucket excavators or with hydraulic shovels. On the other hand, on deep submerged sites, extraction is carried out by hydraulic pumping with a suction pipe connected to a pump.
  • Massive rocks

The extraction of massive rock requires the use of explosives. The blasting is carried out by specialists, these blasts cause a large part of the material to be blown up. They are then loaded and transported to carry out their treatments.

Transfer of materials

The transfer of materials between the place of extraction and the place of dragging is done in two ways:

  • In a continuous way, by means of belt conveyors or in other words conveyors.
  • In a discontinuous way, by dumpers, trucks but also by boat for the extractions immersed far from the banks.

The treatment of aggregates

The treatment of the aggregate includes several stages, the first one is the crushing with different types of crushers such as: jaw crushers, percussion crushers, cone crushers.

The grids are under vibration and only let pass the elements inferior to the size of the screen.

The aggregates are then washed to dissipate all traces of clay or fine particles and finally stored.

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