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For your maintenances and shutdowns, plan your machine appraisals

ūüõ†¬†If you plan a reduction or suspension of your activities, think about planning the maintenance of your crushing and grinding machines.

What is the role of maintenance in a quarry or mine?

Maintenance is some determined actions carried out to maintain or restore machines or facilities so that they continue to perform their role and maintain optimum performance and efficiency. It prevents failures and wear. 


In mine or quarry, keeping a machine in good condition means fewer breakdowns and less damage to the production equipment and therefore more machine availability, less expenditure, maintaining of delivery times, more safety for machine operators, etc. 


The “management” aspect of maintenance generally includes:¬†

supervision of machines and facility

– analysis and formulation of improvement work

management and planning of maintenance interventions

– implementation and monitoring of preventive maintenance programmes

Рinformation and documentation management 

– team management and training

fleet and parts management 

– budget management

– purchasing and replacement of machines…


The ‘work’ aspect of maintenance generally includes:

inspecting machines 

Рmaking a diagnosis 

– carrying out maintenance, prevention, repair, and modification work on equipment

– testing and restarting

– filling in a logbook…

Why pay particular attention to maintenance?

Quarrying is one of the most dangerous industries for workers. There is a high risk of accident and work-related illness due to, among other things, the presence of large vehicles and machines, the handling of explosives, the handling of heavy loads, the presence of dust in the air, and the fact of working on dangerous sites. Inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure the health and safety of workers.


Besides the safety aspect, in quarry or mine, maintenance expenses are significant and can represent up to 40% of the variable costs for a company. Reducing maintenance costs will automatically increase profitability.


Besides the reducing expenses search, a steady maintenance helps to maintain a constant quality of aggregate production, to anticipate and to reduce the number of downtime machines, and to make work safer.

What is the Haladjian Minerals Solutions machine maintenance service?

Qualified and passionate technicians who work on cone crushers, jaw crushers, impactor crushers, shafts, bearings… They have crushing mechanic skills.¬†

Rapid intervention or repair: limit the downtime of your machines.

Inspection : contr√īle m√©trologique d'un broyeur HP400

Complex interventions: our technicians dismantle defective parts and repatriate them to our workshops where the parts are reconditioned and then reassembled on your site.

Intervention sur contre-arbre d'un broyeur HP400

РAn offer of different maintenance packages including replacement of wearing parts, shielding, mechanical maintenance (draining Рfiltration Рlubrication), machine expertise, simplified management, programmed planning. 

The possibility of setting up maintenance contracts: ensure you priority in repair work and also the implementation of preventive maintenance on certain machines for instance. 

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Rebuild machine: did you think about it?

Rebuild d'un broyeur HP200

Give a second life to your ageing machines and make real savings! 


Haladjian Minerals Solutions performs around 30 rebuilds per year. This programme extends the life of your equipment or components by remanufacturing them. Their performance is preserved and their useful life is extended.


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